‘Island Inspirations’,Work by Carole Bondaroff & Stan Phelps Oct. 2008

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“ISLAND INSPIRATIONS” at Insight Art Gallery
Carole Bondaroff and Stan Phelps

Carole Bondaroff and Stan Phelps have been visiting and painting on Galiano Island; which has been both a holiday and work destination for thirty years. They have painted on location at many of Galiano’s picturesque locales, often sharing these hours with noted local painter, Keith Holmes. The island’s beauty and serenity have been an inspiration for a number of Carole’s etchings, and Stan’s oil paintings.
The island has provided a summer playground and a winter retreat.

Carole Bondaroff, born in Montreal, has lived in Calgary, Alberta, for over 30 years. She is a visual artist and art educator, and an active member of the Alberta Printmakers’ Society and Alberta Society of Artists.

Stan Phelps was born in Calgary, Alberta, where he works as a painter, muralist, printmaker, and freelance designer. He painted the outdoor mural on Daystar Market on Galiano Island with Keith Holmes. He is presently managing the “Historic Perrenoud Ranche Art Centre” near Cochrane Alberta where he is “Artist in Residence”.

During Carole and Stan’s extensive travels as painters and printmakers, they have had the opportunity to work as visiting artists at several internationally renowned etching studios, including St. Michael”s Printshop, Newfoundland; Escuela Nationale des Bellas Artes and Taller Jose Galindo both in Murcia Spain; Taller de Grabado Tarasco in Uruapan Mexico; and Atelier de L’ile in Val David Quebec.

Since 1978 they have been co-proprietors of THE HEART STUDIO, of Calgary, a multi-disciplined art facility which features art exhibitions as well as art programs and classes for children and adults.

They are both represented nationally and internationally in private and corporate art collections including The Alberta Foundation for the Arts, The Canada Council Art Bank in Ottawa, The Biblioteque National in Quebec, The Royal Palace in Monaco, and here on Galiano Island!

The artists are pleased to present this collection of oil paintings, watercolours, and etchings, that in some respects, represent a visual summation of their 3 decades, as fascinated and inspired visitors to the Island that they have come to love.

AS if… Sept. 2008

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Four local Galiano Artists come together to show their new work – Dianne Laronde, Shera Street, Kip Johl and Janice Prevedoros. SEPTEMBER 6 – 27, 2008

Diane Laronde

I first studied visual arts at the University of Victoria, and while travelling and working through the southern hemisphere, continued to do so, first at Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand, and later at the Perth College of Art in Australia. On returning to Canada I spent a year at the Kootenay School of Art doing graphic design. Les and I moved to Galiano in the late 70’s.
I have always loved to work with fabric and paper and looked for ways to incorporate them into my creative work. I hope that the viewers of my work might find there an alternative way of experiencing everyday materials and events.

Janice Prevedoros, Visual Artist

Whales ! After watching an Orca pod parading last fall, Janice felt inspired to do something for these mysterious ‘big fish’. Innumerable websites and books led her on a journey of discovery. Whale stories & myths brought about paintings, created to acknowledge the primordial presence of the whale. She found that in an earlier time our oceans were once teeming with an awesome variety of whales, now fifty million years of plying the seas and rivers of the planet – the varieties which have survived deserve respect.This poem written by the artist is also part of the watercolor/collage ‘Songlines’. [ Shown also is a detail of a Red Roqual ( or Minke Whale ), and Humpback Whale from ‘Songlines’. ]

The Subtle Songs

Eternal migration
of Butterfly,
Bird & Whale,
through cloud –
blue lightness,
and depth of dark
blue seas.

Bird Song &
Whale Song,
sonorous echoes,
arcs through blue sky
and breaches the
deep blue seas.

Kip Johl

When this show was first planned I was working on 3 dimensional works contained in boxes. Though I have an idea of what they ‘mean’, they evolve and unfold as I keep working on them. Some are a story of us as the most ravaging and raging of storms and others are hopefully us as a light breeze. Anyway, everyone is going to see, feel or think what they want and that I think that is as it should be.
To my surprise, plans change , I went to Europe this past May. I ended up having an affair . Not of the heart, but of the arts. My true nature in art is that of a polygamist. I don’t fight it, I just get swept away now and again. Each of my dalliances in art over the past thirty years have become one big happy family, though to be honest I do have favourites.
I’d planned on sketching, yet my camera, visually ( and even acoustically) allowed me to have a room of my own. Sometimes a move just to the right or left are the throngs of people. The photos are just another box; to me, funny, wild , quiet etc. It’s pretty strange at times seeing what is out there and why. It’s sad what is not out there too.
After editing over two thousand photos, I went back to deconstructing my head and constructing my boxes.
As for ‘formal’ art training, the major players were education and art history ( SFU) , fine arts program( Langara College) and architecture ( UBC). Sometimes I learned what not to learn. The best learning has been going around the world and just seeing a lot of work, inside and out, old and new.

Shera Street
I have been in a lifelong journey of creative exploration. It is on-going. The play of my paintbrush or pen rises from a deep collaboration of my heart, mind and spirit. I am playing with backgrounds and images…reaching for a feeling of vibrancy, richness, and depth that rings true to my heart, eyes and soul, and tells me I am connected.

Have I found my style? The one I would stick to for the rest of my life? Yes, perhaps not to be defined in a form and medium, but yes definitely in vibrant colours, elements of drawing, and the spontaneity that develops from the moment I enter my studio.

I give thanks to have been blessed with an irrepressible love for the unfolding, discovery I experience when creativity is flowing through me.

I have studied at California College of Arts and Crafts, Emily Carr, University of Oregon, and the University of Oslo with a focus on art and recreation. Art exhibits have been part of my life for 45 years in both one woman shows and group exhibitions.

My studio and gallery are at our retreat Serenity by the Sea.

Mandalas of Galiano Island, August 2008

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AUGUST 2 – 30


I sit quietly in the garden listening to the birds – they are the predominant sound, that, and the breeze in the bushes, trees and grasses. Paradise on Galiano – we all know it well. And we know the cycle of life we see around us, the old friends leaving, the newborns, the fawn at the edge of the woods, the tide coming in and going out. What is Galiano? The endless summer days, the closeness with nature, the beach, the seed in the ground, growing?

I approached my work with this in mind this year. Beginning with a commission to paint one mandala in 2005, I have now been exploring and creating my own in the last few years. Traditional mandalas are symmetrical, with decorative designs that are used as a point of focus in meditation. They can be really simple or complex and the symbols and shapes used in repetition cause new patterns to emerge.

This year I began with studies for the mandalas, then moved into the larger, more complex pieces. I wanted to create imagery with an intuitive kind of knowing. I began allowing shapes to appear in my drawings, then making templates which I applied to the canvas. Symbols for love, like hearts, appeared and the inverted triangle, which I learned, symbolizes the divine life-force streaming from the heavens to the earth below. Seeds and flower clusters, for growth, and symbols for time passing and eternity, like the mobius strip, emerged. Also the landscape of Galiano made its way onto the canvas.

I have read that true mandalas, ones created through the intuitive wisdom of the unconcious, are symbolic representations of love – love that is the essence of all. Creation arises through love and is sustained by love. Painting mandalas is precise, rigorous work, taking many long hours. My experience of painting this work has been like having a series of long meditations. I have felt a deep sense of harmony and beauty as I have quietly painted away, continuously repeating colourful strokes that build on each other and reverberate the interconnectedness between all things. And now the painting is done and it is time to share this work with everyone. I hope that viewers can experience some of the sensations of peace and beauty I experienced while doing this work.

Michael MacLean – Sculpture

Welcome Everyone ! I’m very happy to invite you all to the Insight Gallery to see my new sculptures. Tish kindly invited me to show with her this August because we both feel the reverberation of ancient traditions in our very contemporary work. I’ll be showing at least four new sculptures in stone and wood. The most recent is a figure in ice white alabaster with inlays of black pearl and cubic zirconias. A 30 inch red mahogany work is embellished with 23karat gold leaf and rests on a silver plated bronze base ! I’ve been very busy this year, not only sculpting here on the island but as a sculptor for a water park company in Vancouver, doing snow geese for St. petersburg, a huge cobra for Pennsylvania, and a 7 ft. water goddess for Denmark. So I’ll have a book of photos set out for you of all the work that won’t fit in my van.You may already know my work from the marble and granite badger in the Galiano cemetary or the carved post at the information booth. So come feast your eyes and spirits!

“Surfacing” & “Chaos and Order”, July 2008

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Left: A.J. Bell\'s \

July 5 – 26 , Reception Sat. July 5, 4-7 p.m. Open Thurs,Fri.,Sat., 11:30-4:30
Also Open Sunday, July 6, 11:30-4:30

Kenna Fair – “Surfacing”

How does the movement of air play with the wings of a bird? How does the world living in water and the world living in air communicate or are they in a constant state of oblivion towards each other until some sort of collision takes place? Whether it is elemental or life/death that line is all around us. My work has been an exploration of that space within the depth and movement of the carve, the brush stroke and the subject matter. Through that I intend to communicate the mind boggling spectacle of interconnection and disconnection. So, however you may look at my work, I hope that you enjoy the dynamic energy and personality of each subject I paint, with a small window of understanding behind the inspiration of my art.

Kenna graduated from Emily Carr College of Art and Design in 1992. From there she worked at the Helen Pitt Gallery in Vancouver and curated the show “Rednecks and City Slickers”. In 1994 she moved to Galiano Island and got swept up for 12 years into the world of Film and Video while still painting and drawing on the side. Recently Kenna has made the big leap to dedicate herself full time to her first love, painting, and at this point has no intentions of looking back. She and 4 other Galiano artists just opened Island’s Edge Gallery of Fine Art. This is Kenna’s first major show at the Insight Art Gallery.

Kenna has previously been in shows on Galiano Island at the Galiano Art Gallery, and group shows at the Insight Art Gallery. She has also been the curator of Digital Madness (digital photography) and “in a small way” I and II (miniature art works). Presently she has a number of paintings at the Winchester Gallery in Oak Bay. You can see more of Kenna’s work at www.kennafair.com.

A.J. Bell – “Chaos and Order”

A. J. Bell was educated in the Fine Arts department at York University. He has worked as a boat builder, furniture builder, cabinet maker and house carpenter. After moving to Galiano in 1989, he worked at the Sturdies Bay ferry terminal, and in 2005 he made visual arts his full time occupation/obsession. His central concern is the question, why does anything exist? Everything is fascinating, astonishing in that it does exist. The universe is inexplicable, improbable, and totally incomprehensible, yet it teems and riots around us. Compared to the size of the universe, we are so small, it can be terrifying to look closely at creation’s incredible vibrancy. But it is important for us to attend. If we don’t, we might never know who we are or how we fit into reality. By looking and painting, Arnie (in total perplexity) contemplates the utter mystery of existence. And the only underlying thing he really sees is that even on the stillest day, everything is in movement and everything changes. Things go in and out of each other through the most amazing transformations. Identity is mutable, nothing is permanent. The wind rises water off the surface of the sea and sends it into the air to fall as rain. Rushing streams grind down rocks. And out of the sandy soil, trees grow tall enough to be blown down by the wind. Lining the streets of a west coast city, a forest of holly trees grows out of the high crotches of ancient oaks. Everything is energetically chaotic, changing places; and on our good days, we can see the beauty. Arnie uses his paintings to abstract out what he perceives to be the most intriguing and beautiful bits of the energetic world. He tries to explore the fine line between chaos and order, the knife edge of existence.

An Exhibition of Photographs by Lony Rockafella, June 2008

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Crystal Cove, Pacific Rim

Lony Rockafella

June 7 to 28, take in a peak time while exploring PACIFIC RIM NATIONAL PARK. And, and you won’t want to miss a special series of photographs clicked from INSIDE THE BLUFFS, Galiano Island. Along with this, CURRENT CLIPS from Montague and a SHORELINE SPECTACULAR: the Coast Range Mountains towering over the Strait and the city. Also on view: I just had to frame a new shot of MUSHROOM ROCK on the west side. It is haunting. Oh, and we have skunk cabbages from Ganner Creek and an incredibly concise picture of maple leaves in spring. Have you ever been there during that little window of time when the sun sets on the East side? Captured here and framed are delectible colours right at the outlet from Finlay Lake. A Sunrise! Anyone? One delicious moment at Morning Beach plus a shining image of a B.C. Ferry taken from the Cain Drive Shore Access. Whew! this just cost me a bundle… but I’m addicted! I had to throw in a totally eerie shot of Mt. Baker from Sticks Allison. And to finish it off: Sandstone that I have known at Salamanca Point. Yes, there was a LIGHT SHOW at the PACIFIC RIM last fall and even though it was freezing cold, I brought back some beautiful colour photographs. All pictures are framed with glass – ready to go to Light up your Life. But, Hey it’s worth it just to have a look – all month of bustin’ out JUNE 2008.

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