“Oriental Poppies” by Tish Saunders

Here on Galiano Island we are beginning to feel Spring in the air, and the many gardeners amongst us have already been in our gardens doing the work that the weather will allow.  Its really something to see the number of beautiful gardens here on Galiano and the amazing amount of people who so love gardens and gardening.  We have all been drawn to the island in the first place to have the closeness to nature that Galiano provides – the quiet, the wildlife and the luxuriant growth that starts to happen in the spring.

Just as there are many gardeners and lovers of gardens on Galiano, there are as many artists who love to extend their pleasure even further by using the gardens, the flowers as their subject matter.  Hours of observation in different kinds of light and weather allow them to commune with nature and record their responses in a variety of ways – in paintings, photographs, drawings, sculpture, prints.  Artists will ask themselves, “How can I express this sensation of peace”; the colour of this poppy in front of me?; the freedom of the wide sky and this verdant landscape around me?; how can I share this joy of what I see with others?”   And their results can lift our spirits, they can quietly hang on one small patch of wall and then catch our eye – reminding us of that beautiful day.  They can transport us to a gentle patch of sunlight in a soft garden – a momentary retreat in an otherwise hectic day.  And so it will be at the gallery for the month of June.  Many of us artists on Galiano have brought together our expressions and responses to the flowers and gardens we love, and we hope to share them with you.

‘Begonias’ by Keith Holmes

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