“ALONG THE PATH”, Paintings by Betsy & Susie Fairbrother, Ceramics by Laurie Maccallum, August 3 -24, 2013


Along the Path, Montague by Betsy Fairbrother

Along the Path, Montague by Betsy Fairbrother

“In June of 2012, my sister Susie Fairbrother arrived on the shores of Galiano for a long summer visit and to explore the island for inspiration. With our plans solidified to do an art show together in 2013, I felt compelled to be my sister’s guide, to give her an intimate sense of the islands’ beauty.
Together we journeyed the many paths that wind through our forests, along the costal walks, along ridges, over hills and around ponds. We found our way “along the path” in the sunshine or rain, from sunrises at Sturdies to sunsets at Montague, we came out refreshed, inspired and ready to paint.


Autumn Day, Cable Bay South by Betsy Fairbrother

Autumn Day, Cable Bay South by Betsy Fairbrother

We both worked from quick sketches & photos, but abandon those quickly as we both  prefer to  paint from memory…a sense of place, light and colour.
These new works are our connection to those special places we experienced together.
So along your path, come view our new works opening August 3rd at The Insight Gallery!      -Betsy Fairbrother




'Two Trees' by Susie Fairbrother

‘Two Trees’ by Susie Fairbrother

     I came to Galiano last summer to visit my sister and brother. I had no expectations; I just wanted to spend time with them; Betsy being forever my best friend. Together we walked, exploring the many paths and shores of Galiano. Betsy led, I followed. We did this every day come rain or shine. Betsy generously shared her island with me.

'Deep in the Woods' by Susie Fairbrothe

‘Deep in the Woods’ by Susie Fairbrothe

Its sweet forest scents and cools sparkling waters; kept me present. It was exactly what I needed, as it healed my tired city eyes and soul. The island lent itself to my imagination, giving me so much to paint from.

'Deep in the Woods' by Susie Fairbrother

‘Deep in the Woods’ by Susie Fairbrother

  I feel so fortunate and humbled having experienced the island, not just for its extraordinary beauty, but also for the people; the many colorful creative folk who call Galiano their home. I don’t know if I could ever paint the island like it is my home, but I did as a visitor who felt deeply “islandized” for a summer. Thank You.   -Susie Fairbrother

'On Top of the World' by Susie Fairbrother

‘On Top of the World’ by Susie Fairbrother



            I look to the beach for inspiration to create my contemporary, functional stoneware and alternatively fired ceramics.  Referencing First Nations pottery forms, it is the coastal environment that informs my work – the lines of the tree branches, the curves of sea shells, the surfaces of seaside pebbles. 

Ceramic Sea Stars by Laurie Maccallum

Ceramic Sea Stars by Laurie Maccallum

It is my hope and intent that these lines, shapes, textures and colours in my work convey the sense of quiet, intimacy, and wonder I experience living on the coast.

"Vase" by Laurie Maccallum

“Vase” by Laurie Maccallum

I am a recent full-time resident of Galiano Island, have been seriously potting for less than a decade.  I am an easily-inspired potter who loves to spend time in my studio with my husband and son puttering nearby.  I am a Mohawk of Kahnawake.                                                                              -Laurie Maccallum

"Bowls" by Laurie Maccallum

“Bowls” by Laurie Maccallum


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