‘SEARCH FOR A BETTER WORLD’, New Works by Roksan Kohen, June 1 – 22, 2013

'HeavyTrophy' by Roksan Kohen

‘HeavyTrophy’ by Roksan Kohen

   Roksan studied painting at the well-known Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University in Istanbul and has been self-employed as a visual artist and drawing/painting instructor for the past 9 years.  She has worked as an illustrator, designing logos/posters/banners for companies, theatres and universities, and has done illustrations for book and advertising companies, as well as selling her art works to organizations and individuals.

               Roksan emigrated from Istanbul in 2009, searching for a home, community and environment that suited her and her lifestyle.  She lived in Vancouver and then, finally, discovered Galiano. Like many of us, she fell in love at first sight and moved her in June 2012.

               Her vision is powerful – her presentation is unique.  She looks at the world we live in and speaks about it in her staggeringly detailed, skillful images.  You can hold up a magnifying glass and see more than you ever thought was there.  She speaks about now, the past, or how things may go.  She searches with hope and love and is driven to paint and draw.  Come see the fabulous results in June at Insight Gallery.

'Tale of the Rock' by Roksan Kohen

‘Tale of the Rock’ by Roksan Kohen


Search for a Better World

As an Istanbul based visual artist

I luckily have lived and painted on Galiano since June 1st 2012.

Walking on trails, asking trees to share their stories

With the aim of releasing the truth about who we are

Hoping that the current spirit of our age is moving

Towards an encompassing happiness,

I practise every day…love, kindness, art and appreciation

Grateful for eyes, I stare

For the breath I take

For the soothing sea

For the flying big bird and all the magical beings

Shining beyond beauty

Together  …

Searching for a better world

Helping each other along

To be a better one

Trying to find peace within

Without stepping on one another

How powerful we are

As we come together

What do we draw now?  …  Given the forces of nature.                                         Roksan Kohen


'Babylon Tower' by Roksan Kohen

‘Babylon Tower’ by Roksan Kohen



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