4th Annual Bohemian Embassy Group Show Nov. 8 – Dec. 20, 2008

‘Fire Under the Night Sky’ by Tish Saunders

Over 20 years ago, the artists of Galiano came together to create the first Bohemian Embassy Show at Galiano’s South End Community Hall. At that time, they felt their work was ‘off the beaten path’, eclectic, expressive, and unusual. The event created an embassy and they were the ambassadors of work that spoke about their place in the realm of art, poetry and music-making. This Annual Show was created to continue this idea.

‘Peony in Mauve’ by Ingrid Fawcett

This year it includes 23 local artists working in many different mediums: oil and acrylic painting, watercolour, collage, photography, linocut prints, silkscreen prints, fused glass and handpainted glass vessels, stone sculpture, prints, cards, and jewellery.

‘Greg’s Delight’ by Bruce Dolsen

This fine work reflects the artists’ perceptions of Galiano Island, the Gulf Islands and surrounding area. Landscapes, up-close florals, portraiture, carvings of local creatures, abstracts referring to states of mind all come together to draw the viewer into the experience of life on the edge, life with a fresh perspective here on the West Coast.

The high level of quality and expression from so many artists makes this a fabulous show, not to be missed.

‘Ruby – Precious Gem’ by Julia Pearson

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