An Exhibition of Photographs by Lony Rockafella, June 2008

Crystal Cove, Pacific Rim

Lony Rockafella

June 7 to 28, take in a peak time while exploring PACIFIC RIM NATIONAL PARK. And, and you won’t want to miss a special series of photographs clicked from INSIDE THE BLUFFS, Galiano Island. Along with this, CURRENT CLIPS from Montague and a SHORELINE SPECTACULAR: the Coast Range Mountains towering over the Strait and the city. Also on view: I just had to frame a new shot of MUSHROOM ROCK on the west side. It is haunting. Oh, and we have skunk cabbages from Ganner Creek and an incredibly concise picture of maple leaves in spring. Have you ever been there during that little window of time when the sun sets on the East side? Captured here and framed are delectible colours right at the outlet from Finlay Lake. A Sunrise! Anyone? One delicious moment at Morning Beach plus a shining image of a B.C. Ferry taken from the Cain Drive Shore Access. Whew! this just cost me a bundle… but I’m addicted! I had to throw in a totally eerie shot of Mt. Baker from Sticks Allison. And to finish it off: Sandstone that I have known at Salamanca Point. Yes, there was a LIGHT SHOW at the PACIFIC RIM last fall and even though it was freezing cold, I brought back some beautiful colour photographs. All pictures are framed with glass – ready to go to Light up your Life. But, Hey it’s worth it just to have a look – all month of bustin’ out JUNE 2008.

Rim Rambler Productions…

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