‘ISLAND DEJA-VU’ Group Show – a Retrospective Collection of Work by long-time Galiano Artists, July 4 – 25

'Sun and Moon' by John Winicup
‘Sun and Moon’ by John Winicup

When someone starts to live on Galiano or visit  it regularly,  things begin to become wonderfully familiar.  We begin to know peoples’ names and who they are and gradually have more to talk about next time we see them.  The same experience happens when those of us who love art visit the galleries and shows on the island over a number of years.  We come to know different artists’ work, we recognize their styles, and we look forward to seeing their work at a new show to see what they are doing now.
Many people I’ve talked to really enjoy noticing how artists progress in their work – they may refine their approach, or change their subject matter or medium or they may try new and different things.  Looking at art history, for example, Pablo Picasso had his periods of Collage Cubism,  Neo-classicism or his Blue Period.  Art historians read these artists’ essays and  manifestos and study their work from their different periods to gradually draw together an understanding of how and why their work changed and how they have influenced the direction of Modern Art.  This is true for most artists working today.  It is part of the job, really, for an artist to have an inquiring mind and try to understand how he/she fits into the context of art-making and art-history.  Artists need to be able to express verbally and visually what they are exploring, questioning, exposing about the world they live in and what it means to them.
The ‘Island Deja-vu’ Show will give viewers an opportunity to see some older work and work shown before by long-time Galiano artists.  In consideration of the current economic trends, there will be some sale items and very good deals for interested buyers.  Viewers who want to reminisce can also look at the Dandelion Gallery Photo Scrapbooks graciously on loan to Insight Gallery by their makers – Debbie and Keith Holmes.  These great photo albums show openings, artists and shows on Galiano beginning in 1985 – we all looked so young!  We invite you to come and experience a feeling of deja-vu at Insight Gallery during the month of July.

'Emergence of Mythology' by Larry Foden

‘Emergence of Mythology’ by Larry Foden

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