INSIGHT ART GALLERY is now Tish Saunders’ personal studio

INSIGHT ART GALLERY was opened in August 2005, and ran as a gallery until the end of September 2014.  These files and images have been retained as an historical record of some of the wonderful shows that the gallery featured during these years.

The gallery space will now be my own studio space, as I continue to paint and make art.  This website will now focus on my own individual work and will gradually be built in the time to come.


                                                                                                                     ARTWORK BY TISH SAUNDERS 

CosmicTree by Tish Saunders

Cosmic Tree by Tish Saunders

For many years, I have  been creating acrylic on canvas paintings,  hand-painted glass vases, a beautiful line of jewellery using semi-precious stones, art mosaics for walls, fine art prints, cards, bookmarks and fridge magnets.  I have also created a group of art cards related to the solar and lunar horoscope.  This site has been created to focus on all of these creations and, at present, is a work in progress.




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