‘Realms of an Island in the Salish Sea’, Work by Francine Renaud, Sept. 3 – Oct. 1, 2011

'Deneb' (Detail) by Francine Renaud

'Deneb' (Detail) by Francine Renaud

This little Island in the Salish Sea tucked away with its neighbors along a huge island, not too far from Vancouver, Victoria and Seattle, is the home of so many creative people.   Perhaps it has Magic!!   Perhaps we recognize somewhere deep, deep in our bones, the Magic of the Original Garden.  In this Garden there is Beauty, and there are Fauna, Flora and People from times immemorial.

Perhaps the Magic gets stronger when we call places by their original names…

like, “the Salish Sea”.

'Through the Grasses' by Francine Renaud

'Through the Grasses' by Francine Renaud

Our little island has inspired many of it’s people to capture it’s magic and bring it to reflect in paintings, music, plays and stories, to share it’s essence with the whole world.  But first of all, it’s for us who live here and visit, to discover and realize this. Galiano’s many realms have that certain quality that takes us to another level – where time stops and we feel so alive – our Self expanded out into the landscape.

After a year or so of being part of Island’s Edge Gallery and spending much more time back on the Island, I had the opportunity to reconnect with old friends, acquaintances and to meet new islanders and visitors. I had a chance to observe how the magic of the island transforms the viewer. A most valuable experience!!

Last fall, I was invited to put on a solo show at Insight Art Gallery.  I have been so pleased to have this opportunity – to show in a venue where a body of my work could be seen, in the context of this Island and its artistic tradition!  This seemed to be just right.

'Winter Light' by Francine Renaud

'Winter Light' by Francine Renaud

What you will see is my process of integrating this love of place and tradition with seeing fresh.  Seeing fresh means, for me, allowing discovery through my own process and also through the work of my peers in the art community at this time.

Seeing fresh is, perceiving Zeitgeist, the spirit of the time.

Here and Now…..

Wondering why you haven’t seen much of me since the “Mini Show”?

Come and see what this fair month of September has to offer at “Insight.”

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