‘INTERFACES’, New Work by A. J. Bell, July 3 – 25

'Study for a Painting Large Enough to be Seen from Space', A. J. Bell

‘Study for a Painting Large Enough to be Seen From Space’, A.J. Bell


New works by ajbell

Shorelines. The margin between the pasture and the forest proper. The horizon, a line demarcating the change from the earth to the sky. Territorial boundaries acting as frontiers drawing a line between ostensibly radical differences between people. My space, your space. Inside, outside. Perception and reality. All these interfaces are thin, permeable, fractal, conditional. Smuggled over.

Our belief in borders being hard and immutable is merely an illusory product of our need to make sense of and manipulate reality but in order to accomplish this need, unfortunately, we only have the use of a tool with limited perceptual abilities, the intellectual brain, with which to do our analysis and from which to tell our significant stories. Reality is far too complex for any of us to have a true and total sense of it.

In my paintings, I am interested in exploring the limits of our brains’ capacity to convince ourselves that we are seeing hard, concrete realities when, at a fundamental level, everything bleeds into everything else. Edges are not solidly demarcated. Nothing is the same from one second to the next. Everything mutates. We all learn and thereby change. And yet, the brain takes the limited amount that can be seen and tries to force these error prone perceptions into fixed ideas concerning reality. Is there a point at which the intellectual brain gives up and learns to love the reality of overwhelming complexity? In my abstract paintings I am trying to show how things transform, but more importantly, I am trying to show how our brains function. I try to do this by 1) reducing the symbolic content available to the eye and by 2) reducing, to a bare minimum, the standard indicators of ‘object’ from the picture plane. In effect I am trying to elicit from the viewer an emotional reaction to raw stuff without allowing the viewer to engage the fallible crutch of personally significant narration.

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