AS if… Sept. 2008

Four local Galiano Artists come together to show their new work – Dianne Laronde, Shera Street, Kip Johl and Janice Prevedoros. SEPTEMBER 6 – 27, 2008

Diane Laronde

I first studied visual arts at the University of Victoria, and while travelling and working through the southern hemisphere, continued to do so, first at Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand, and later at the Perth College of Art in Australia. On returning to Canada I spent a year at the Kootenay School of Art doing graphic design. Les and I moved to Galiano in the late 70’s.
I have always loved to work with fabric and paper and looked for ways to incorporate them into my creative work. I hope that the viewers of my work might find there an alternative way of experiencing everyday materials and events.

Janice Prevedoros, Visual Artist

Whales ! After watching an Orca pod parading last fall, Janice felt inspired to do something for these mysterious ‘big fish’. Innumerable websites and books led her on a journey of discovery. Whale stories & myths brought about paintings, created to acknowledge the primordial presence of the whale. She found that in an earlier time our oceans were once teeming with an awesome variety of whales, now fifty million years of plying the seas and rivers of the planet – the varieties which have survived deserve respect.This poem written by the artist is also part of the watercolor/collage ‘Songlines’. [ Shown also is a detail of a Red Roqual ( or Minke Whale ), and Humpback Whale from ‘Songlines’. ]

The Subtle Songs

Eternal migration
of Butterfly,
Bird & Whale,
through cloud –
blue lightness,
and depth of dark
blue seas.

Bird Song &
Whale Song,
sonorous echoes,
arcs through blue sky
and breaches the
deep blue seas.

Kip Johl

When this show was first planned I was working on 3 dimensional works contained in boxes. Though I have an idea of what they ‘mean’, they evolve and unfold as I keep working on them. Some are a story of us as the most ravaging and raging of storms and others are hopefully us as a light breeze. Anyway, everyone is going to see, feel or think what they want and that I think that is as it should be.
To my surprise, plans change , I went to Europe this past May. I ended up having an affair . Not of the heart, but of the arts. My true nature in art is that of a polygamist. I don’t fight it, I just get swept away now and again. Each of my dalliances in art over the past thirty years have become one big happy family, though to be honest I do have favourites.
I’d planned on sketching, yet my camera, visually ( and even acoustically) allowed me to have a room of my own. Sometimes a move just to the right or left are the throngs of people. The photos are just another box; to me, funny, wild , quiet etc. It’s pretty strange at times seeing what is out there and why. It’s sad what is not out there too.
After editing over two thousand photos, I went back to deconstructing my head and constructing my boxes.
As for ‘formal’ art training, the major players were education and art history ( SFU) , fine arts program( Langara College) and architecture ( UBC). Sometimes I learned what not to learn. The best learning has been going around the world and just seeing a lot of work, inside and out, old and new.

Shera Street
I have been in a lifelong journey of creative exploration. It is on-going. The play of my paintbrush or pen rises from a deep collaboration of my heart, mind and spirit. I am playing with backgrounds and images…reaching for a feeling of vibrancy, richness, and depth that rings true to my heart, eyes and soul, and tells me I am connected.

Have I found my style? The one I would stick to for the rest of my life? Yes, perhaps not to be defined in a form and medium, but yes definitely in vibrant colours, elements of drawing, and the spontaneity that develops from the moment I enter my studio.

I give thanks to have been blessed with an irrepressible love for the unfolding, discovery I experience when creativity is flowing through me.

I have studied at California College of Arts and Crafts, Emily Carr, University of Oregon, and the University of Oslo with a focus on art and recreation. Art exhibits have been part of my life for 45 years in both one woman shows and group exhibitions.

My studio and gallery are at our retreat Serenity by the Sea.

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