Recent Work by A.J. Bell & Janice Prevedoros, August 1 – 29, Reception Aug. 1, 4 – 7:00

‘East Sooke Park’ by A.J. Bell

Artist’s Profile – A. J. Bell

What I like about painting is that it is as good as meditation. The mind falls away. Calmness reigns. Hours pass while travelling in this other country, and there are surprises around every corner. My blood pressure goes way down, which for me is only to the good. I’m a studio painter. Finishing a painting takes me too long to allow for painting in plain air. If I were to sit out under the sun working, I soon would be sitting out under the moon, and then the sun, and then the moon, again and again, before I reached any ending to a painting. The problem is that I paint predominantly with glazes, thinned down colours, transparent or translucent, layer after layer, sometimes up to a hundred layers thick, building up colour like thin sheets of overlapping glass. Even my darkest colours are transparent. I’m looking for clear depth, enough for light to bounce around inside the paint and back out again. Only at the end do I start using opaques as a contrast to the transparent. This is time consuming, and therefore, I have to use sketches, small paintings from the real, and yes, even photographs as resource material. Thankfully I have developed, through looking, a relatively good memory for colour and composition, and I have become blessed with an active, visual imagination

In the show I am having with Janice Prevedoros, at Insight Gallery (see ad page) this August, I will be showing a series I call ‘Ice on the Rocks’. These works are primarily representational. It is necessary for me to do representational works so that I become familiar enough with particular parts of real places before I can move on to the more difficult task of interpreting reality through abstraction. I work both ends and the middle of the reality/abstraction dichotomy because abstraction allows a different type of emotional interaction with a painting than does representation. First I do some sketches. Then I do a few small paintings before working my way up in board size. (I work on wood not canvas. Canvas is too soft and the surface retreats too much from the brush stroke for my liking). Only then, in a step wise fashion, board after board, do I start on the difficult process of exploding the subject in both figurative time (keep looking and it becomes serial time) and in 2-D (or is that thin 3-D) space. I hope that by all this to catalogue a diverse but emotionally expressive interpretation of the emotional power of reality. In the August show with Janice, I will also have a few pieces that are midway between representation and abstraction. There will also be a few pieces that are very winged out. Please do come and enjoy the eye candy. If you cannot make it, I hope you might check out my website at

‘Swirl’ by Janice Prevedoros

Janice Prevedoros- Artist’s Profile

“A good parameter for measuring the health of an individual is the degree
to which he is free to create. Anybody who is basically healthy will seek
to create rather than destroy. By creativity, as I have stated
previously, I mean those actions that promote the interests and good of
oneself and others.” George Vithoulkas – ‘ The Measure of Health’ …

Janice Prevedoros has two paralleled pursuits of happiness, wellness and
creativity. To be well and tuned in to the images needed for her artwork
she, like many painters, seeks inspiration in the natural world.
Fortunately, for this purpose the planet has an endless and ever changing abundance of
imagery. The impressions and visual imprints she discovers out of doors
are the inspiration for this featured set of new works.

Living in an environment such as the Gulf Islands, Janice finds it
wonderful to be part of a circle of artists who also call the islands
their home. The diversity and variety of work presented here provides a
myriad of possibilities for future art shows. Judging by the percentage
of residents who are actively bent on their chosen creative pursuits, the
general health of the island population must be good !

The artist hopes you visit the Insight Art Gallery to see the work on display by A. J. Bell and herself, during the month of August. She also hopes that you take in the other art shows and visit some of the studios featured on the Art Tour to appreciate the amazing array of crafts and art created by our resident artisans on Galiano Island.

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